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Lindy about


I am the Guide Guru – a Swedish west coast gal and a tourism professional with long and deep experience of service, hospitality, sales and tourism of all kinds. I’m passionate about travelling, nature, animals, culture and outdoor life, and I like to make every day an adventure! 

Educated in film photography, editing, acting, storytelling, sales and tourism and have lived in several countries around the world. My job portfolio includes working as leader in adventure camps, visual merchandiser, vice store manager, film producer, choreographer, dance & riding instructor, hiking guide, riding guide, jeep guide, bus guide, tour leader and as hostess on a sailing yacht.

Today my focus is as event manager and visual merchandiser in the outdoor sector and as freelancing destination developer and tour designer for several tour operators, worldwide. 
I am an entrepreneur through my company Guide Guru and very proud founder of the tourism, hospitality and storytelling project Guide Guru Academy in Rwanda. 


Sri Lanka

When I first arrived in Sri Lanka I must say, it was love at first sight!
What mostly swept me off my feet was the incredibly open and friendly locals. Ayobowan, (May you live a long life), they say, smiling from ear to ear. 
On top of that the climate is perfect, the food delicious, the culture rich and fascinating, the country (and people, and food) colorful, and the nature varied and diverse. The train ride through endless tea plantations up to Nuwara Eliya is a memory for life. I can also arrange biking and hiking tours with my wonderful local partners. Wanna come with me? 


The land of my origin, the land of vikings, of vast fairy-tale forests, northern light, midnight sun, snowy mountains, sandy beaches and of course;
beautiful blondes. 
I am an authorized West Coast Guide. I will take you to all the hidden gems, the “wild strawberry places” of my childhood, visit the almost 100 year old amusement park of Liseberg, try crab fishing or mussel harvesting, go hiking along or kayaking in some of our many beautiful lakes, visit authentic 19th century  villages, listen to traditional music and enjoy the famous Swedish “fika”. 


I recently lived in the heart of Africa, in the country of the thousand hills. Rwanda is a tiny country, but still has more than 12 million citizens and contains amazing places like Volcanoes lush misty mountains with their famous gorillas, and Akagera National Park in which you can go on safaris to see elephants, lions, hippos, giraffes, zebras and more.
Rwanda is surprisingly clean and green, food is cheap, people very warm and friendly, the country safe, and the atmosphere very relaxed.
Visit Rwanda! – and why not visit the neighboring Uganda too while you’re at it?


The blue blue Mediterranean sea – Just wow!
Of all the oceans, seas and lakes I’ve seen, no other water I love as much as the crystal clear waters surrounding the Greek islands. The sailing and snorkling! The food! The scenery! There’s something about Greece that makes me always wanting to go back there, again and again. 
I can offer you amazing yacht sailing tours to the gems of the archipelago and along the coastline of Peleponnessos, such as Hydra, Kefalonia, Nafplion and Serifos. You tell me where you want to sail and what you want to do – the captain and hostess will make sure to make your journey wonderful, fun and memorable. 


Home. Azores is home to me. More specifically so Sao Miguel, the largest of the nine subtropical islands thrown out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve lived and worked for several years in this green, volcanic paradise, and I’d love to share this amazing little pearl with you! We can do horse rides along the winding stone walls with breathtaking panoramic views, swim with dolphins in the blue, blue ocean, feast on fresh lapas with local beer, relax in the natural hot springs, and so much more.
I know all the magic places here and I’ll happily design your dream trip.


Oh, there’s so much to do and see in this mystical, beautiful country!
Trekking to the seven waterfalls from Setti Fadma, going on camel safari an live in beduin tents in the Sahara desert, getting lost among the alleys around Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech, sunbathe and enjoy bohemian lifestyle in Essaouira by the coast, visit the ancient areas in the stunning landscape of the Anti-Atlas mountains, where in February you get the extra bonus of the blooming almond trees. You’ve got to see it with your own eyes!
Simply magical!


Guide Guru:  Lindy Nzengou
Mobile Sweden: +46 700-37 09 27
Mobile Rwanda: +250-789-32 59 59


Guided Tours

I do guided tours by foot, horse, boat, bus, jeep, etc. I have many years of experience with big travelling agencies as well as with small local companies in different countries around the world
(references at request).
The guiding can be done in English or Swedish. I’m professional yet personal, I have a clear and articulate voice and I’m a storyteller of rank.

Travel Design

I’ve been Production Manager for Sweden’s largest group tour operator and am now producing tours as freelance. I design tours for everyone from small, private groups to large, international travelling agencies. I also do destination development and create new travel concepts. My specialty is nature, animals, and to get under the surface to get to know the “real” culture and everyday life in the place you visit. I will gladly assist you in creating whatever dream travel you have in mind. 

Lectures & Inspiration

Anyone can buy a guide book or google to learn about a destination, but to experience the core of a new country and culture, understand the locals, hear the wings of their history, taste their best food and find their hidden gems – you need a Guide Guru.
I happily come to you to tell and/or teach you and your staff/colleagues/friends about travelling the world, living in different cultures, how to become a good guide, the equipment and preparations you need, and the true meaning of being a Guide Guru.